How to be single?


Are you young, single and feeling lonely. Read this

  1. Forget about the guys
    Don’t look at them. Don’t think about them. Don’t talk about them. just ignore them. It makes it easier to accept the fact that you’re single
  2. Find yourself a hobby
    If you do something that you love, time will pass and fly away. Do what makes you happy. You create your own happiness. You don’t need a guy to help you.
  3. Chill with your friends
    Friends are funny, loyal, crazy and do thinks that make you laugh hard. Friends make you forget about your life. They enjoy the moment by beeing in it.
  4. Go outside and enjoy the nature
    The beauty of the nature makes you peaceful. The clouds, the flowers, the sun, the water, the smell, the birds. It’s so quietly. Leave your phone at home and take a book with you and enjoy.
  5. And if this doesn’t help, go get yourself a man!!

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