The same…


Dear sweet beautiful human,

I need to tell you something. You probably know it, but you keep forgetting it. So take this as a reminder.  We are all different. Different clothes, different skin color, different work, different religion, different friends, different voice, different thoughts, different goals. But!! From the inside, we are all the same. Same bones, same  organs, same heart, same nerves, same feelings. If we are angry, we feel the same. If we are in love, we feel the same. If we are happy, we feel the same.  How beautiful is that? How beautiful is the truth? Don’t forget this. So instead of looking at someone and thinking why is this person so weird. Think about the fact that the person is the same like you.  We maybe don’t look the same from the outside, but we are from the inside.

PS: Read this again if you start hating someone. I think I need to read this 100 times a day.  I am just joking.

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